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The Ristorante Merlò in Bologna was born in 1992 thanks to the enthusiasm of the two members Riccardo Chiaramonti and Donato Lovero. The first deals with customer reception and room management, while the second is the main chef. In addition to the current owners, there are other employees dedicated to both the kitchen and the room management. They have been trained thanks to the service of the previous management, then in the wake of a real ladder of success, taking over the activity.

The philosophy at the heart of the Ristorante Merlò's gastronomic offer is based on the desire to satisfy and amaze the client with the valorization of always fresh and genuine ingredients. A real quality is the respect of the seasonality of ingredients and raw material, as shown by the menu, which are modified every three months. For over twenty-five years, the Ristorante Merlò is a point of reference for Bolognese people, one of the few places where you can still enjoy the original flavors of true Bolognese and Emilian cuisine.

The creation of a new website comes from the desire to catch the attention of tourists in search of good food. The restaurant has about eighty seats, positioned into three rooms. The main dish is the Spaghetti Merlò with seafood, tomatoes and fresh squeezed spaghetti. For info and reservations visit the website, call or come directly to us where our staff will welcome you with the usual kindness and will guide you in choosing the culinary journey you prefer.
Ristorante Merlò Bologna
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