Ristorante Merlò
"The best of Emilian cuisine"

"Genuineness and tradition on the table"

Ristorante tipico Bologna Merlò


Taste and Tradition

Merlò like a good glass of Merlot. Our typical restaurant in Bologna, born from the bet of two friends and partners, immediately became one of the most famous restaurants in the historic center. From fish dishes to the Bolognese gastronomic repertoire, our cuisine is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. The selection of first-rate ingredients and respect for their seasonality are two of the many qualities that day by day drive our work. Our menu vary every three months for the will to give our customers a range of opportunity different from the ordinary. Choose the Ristorante Merlò to celebrate birthdays or small events, or to break the routines of meetings and business meetings. From meals at the table to small buffets, every event here will have a new dimension. Do not wait again, call now and give yourself a unique taste experience!
Ristorante tipico Bologna
Fish-based cuisine
Finding a restaurant with a fresh fish-based cuisine in Bologna is rare. Scallops au gratin, tuna tartare, swordfish carpaccio, fried fish and delicious sea food risotto will welcome you with taste and lightness.
Bottiglie di vino Ristorante Merlò
Our nectars
The wine cellar of our restaurant reflects the best of the national wine scenario. Have fun to match our delicious nectars to each dish. The white wines, reds, rosés, prosecco and champagne will delight the meal, without modify the unique flavor of every course.
Vista dall'alto di Bologna
Immersed in the historic center of Bologna
Ristorante Merlò is located in the heart of Bologna, a stone's throw from the historic Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Due to its geographical location, our activity is easily reachable by tourists and therefore a favorite destination during cultural and gourmet tours.
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